Mandated Drug Rehab in St. Louis Is Effective for Problematic Seniors

A loved one’s advanced years may be a trying period for them, and in some cases, it might lead them to seek solace in banned substances. When that happens, you must decide if you should have them undergo drug rehab in St. Louis. In a January 8, 2015 article for PsychCentral, Dr. Rick Nauert said that many factors revealed in a new study by professors from Cornell University and Israel’s Tel Aviv University coalesce into growing substance abuse for elderly people.

The study is bound to attract attention among middle-aged and elderly residents in Missouri. The Missouri Rx Plan already has mechanisms to help seniors have access to prescription medicines as long as they are enrolled in a Medicare Drug Plan. Certain issues, however, may result in the patient’s increased dependence on any prescribed substance or openness to securing a small stash of illicit materials– the kind that a place like the Midwest Institute for Addiction will help them stave off.


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