Drink Moderately: Tips to Curb Alcohol Addiction

By definition, alcoholism is when a person can no longer control his or her drinking habits. However, just because you can control your drinking doesn’t mean that you don’t have a drinking problem.

If your body begins to look for alcohol more frequently, or if you are starting to build a resistance to its depressant effects, you are nearing the border between indulgence and addiction. When that happens, you should do what you can to prevent your drinking from getting out of hand. Here are a few tips to help you limit your drinking:

Strict Schedule

Allow yourself to drink only once or twice a week, preferably on a weeknight when you’re likely to limit your drinking since you have to work the next day. A strict schedule trains your body to expect alcohol only on certain days, which can make the days you go without a drink easier to get by.

Smaller Servings

You never have to order the largest serving on the menu. Order a smaller bottle, or a drink with lower alcohol content the next time you go out. Not only do you cut down on the overall amount of alcohol you consume, you’re likely to save a few dollars as well.

No Salty Snacks

Salty snacks should be a no-no when you drink. The salt content in these snacks absorb water, leaving you thirstier than you really are and prompting you to drink more alcohol.


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