Effective Rehab Means Chasing the Dragon no More

When you are looking to list all plant-derived drugs, opium is bound to be somewhere on the highest perch. It is often burned through specific devices and inhaled, giving rise to the Hong Kong Chinese slang phrase “chasing the dragon.” Although their popularity has been all but eclipsed by other drugs like heroin and cocaine, opium can still be highly-addictive. You may have to enter drug rehab if the addiction threatens to put you out of control.

A major case of opium addiction may require a stay at your preferred drug rehabilitation center, where the treatment program will cover the process from stopping intoxication to preventing a relapse. Starting the opium detox is often a tedious phase because opium withdrawal symptoms such as twitchy muscles, sweating, and diarrhea can kick in. The rehab specialist may be prompted to aid the patient in breathing and to administer IV naxolone fluid to calm them down.

The next step is to gradually administer maintenance treatment solutions to the patient. Methadone and buphrenorphine are aimed at reducing dependence on opiates and help prepare the patient for full withdrawal. Preventing the relapse will require constant monitoring of the patient’s habits.

Nobody wants to destroy their own lives out of a severe opium addiction, especially when other people around them are also affected. Consider enlisting the aid of rehab centers to help your friend or loved one fight addiction.


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