Inpatient v. Outpatient Rehab: Which is Better?

If you have accepted that you need help in order to help yourself get sober, then good for you. It is not easy to admit the fact that you are a drug dependent and you need help to get yourself sorted out. Admission is the first step towards recovery from a dark phase of drug usage.

However, as you look for a trusted institution to help you sort your problems, it is important to consider this thought: should you check yourself in the rehabilitation facility, or should you simply enroll yourself as an outpatient?

Inpatient rehabilitation is recommended for those who have intense dependencies on the drug that they are using. If you need time and space away from an environment that can aggravate you into consuming that certain substance, then being an inpatient means that you will have an easier time if you are going to go through detoxification.

The other option is outpatient treatment. The facility will give you a regimen on what to do in order to help you get over the substance problem that you are experiencing. This is better for those who do not have a need to detoxify. Outpatients do not also need to explain why they will be away for an extended period of time.

Regardless of the method, these two procedures are meant to help substance users get back on their feet.


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