The Most Dangerous and Addictive Drugs

As young children, you were reminded over and over that drugs are bad for you—and that is putting it lightly. Movies underscore the dangers of drug addiction by featuring plots inside rehab centers, where patients have to inhibit themselves from the substance to return to normal life. Just for the sake of discussion, however, which drugs are the most addictive and dangerous of all? Medical practitioners agree on the Big 3:


Heroin is extremely addictive; one dose is all it takes to get hooked for life. Unfortunately, the body also easily develops a tolerance to the substance, prompting users to take more to achieve their previous high. Heroin has been linked to kidney, lung, and liver failure. Those who share needles when injecting heroin into the bloodstream also run the risk of getting infected with HIV and contracting STDs.


Whether in powder or crystal form, cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug. The rush that it provides is intense, yet lasts only for about 15 minutes. This quick and intense high is what makes the drug so addictive. Medical conditions linked to cocaine abuse include arrhythmia, stroke, ulcers, seizures, and rhabdomyolysis.


Meth is often described as the most addictive and dangerous drug in the world. Once the initial euphoria dies down, users are left depressed and fatigued, prompting them to take another dose. Each dose rewires the brain to no longer feel pleasure, making users completely dependent on the drug for their “survival”.


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