Signs that Tell You to Go to Rehab

Admission of substance abuse─ whether to oneself or to others─ is probably one of the hardest things that an addict will ever have to do. Given the stigma that today’s society has placed on drug users, it can be difficult for one to accept his or her addiction, yet it will be necessary for them to seek treatment. If you feel that you have become too dependent on drugs, then you should be aware of these signs:

Higher tolerance levels, severe withdrawals. If you feel like your usual dosage of the drug isn’t enough to get you high, then you should definitely try seeking professional help. Heavy signs of withdrawal, like sweating or nausea, also merit consideration for checking into a rehab.

Heavy dependence on the drug. If the drug has become a refuge for you when you have heavy problems that you cannot solve, that is a red flag that should urge you to go to rehab immediately. Another sign that your drug use has gone too far is the fact that you will do your best to purchase the drug regardless of price.

Problems on different facets of life. If you suddenly start having problems with other people and/or the legal system, then you should stop taking the substance before your life is truly ruined.


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