Understanding the Dangers of X

If you’ve been to any high intensity parties for the longest time, you may discreetly notice money changing hands in exchange for ecstasy pills. Also known as “E,” “X,” and even “Scooby Snacks,” among others, ecstasy has the potential for a fatal overdose from burning up. However, if you or a friend had an epiphany after a long bout with taking X, you may muster the courage to go to rehab– whether or not the courts order you to.

Fighting the urge to pop a pill requires a better understanding of what it can do to you. A single pill already has the potential to suppress signals to the brain, enabling loss of body temperature control and impaired memory. In some cases, dancing further heats up the body to the extent that even liberal applications of water can barely douse it. Even first-time users may experience bouts of sleep and behavioral disorders.

A consultation with a rehab expert may uncover the degree of your X addiction and design a recovery program to combat it. Some elements of the program may involve taking medication to relax the patient during bouts of withdrawal symptoms, and learn to recognize and avoid events where the drugs are in play.

Pill takers may face a long time to finally kick the habit. On the bright side, a rehab expert will exert all means to help the patients get there.


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