Treatment Options for Alcohol Addiction

Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be a long and bumpy road, but it’s not impossible. If you’re ready to give up drinking, you can and will recover from alcohol abuse no matter how powerless you feel or how bad your addiction is.
The treatment options for an alcohol addiction depends on how your drinking habit is evaluated—whether it’s hazardous, harmful or dependent.

Hazardous drinking

If your drinking is deemed hazardous, you’ll likely be referred to a short counseling session. This session may last up to 15 minutes and cover risks and emotional issues associated with your alcohol addiction, advice on how to reduce the amount you consume, and support networks available to you.

Harmful drinking

Harmful drinking means you’re drinking more than the recommended weekly amount for alcohol (14 units for women and 21 units for men). If your drinking is deemed harmful, you will be asked to decide if you want to reduce your consumption or give up drinking completely. The number of counseling sessions you have to attend will depend on which avenue you choose. During these sessions, your progress will be assessed and further treatment and advice will be provided as necessary.

Dependent drinking

Dependent drinking is when you feel you are unable to function without alcohol. Although you will still be made to choose between reduction and abstinence, the latter is usually recommended for this type of drinking issue so the body can recover from its effects.


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