When to Submit to an Inpatient Rehab Program

A complete inpatient rehabilitation offers a huge guarantee of lifetime freedom from drug use. A person who decides to enter rehab and finishes the treatment required for the level of addiction he’s suffering from may have more chance of not relapsing to drug use than the one who chooses outpatient treatment. However, it’s all up to the patient and the people keeping him in custody whether or not an inpatient rehab is necessary.

When does a person need inpatient rehab? Careful assessment of a person’s frequency of drug intake and its effect on his behavior, health and overall lifestyle helps determine the need for this kind of treatment. However, the user himself may choose to submit to a certain rehab program, regardless of the level of addiction, when he feels the need. Most who do this just don’t want their condition to worsen before taking action.

Specifically, the assessment encompasses psychological disturbances, such as quick changes in the users’ mood and extreme withdrawal after not using the drug for a couple of hours or days. With these visible in the person’s responses, one can tell that an inpatient rehab is highly necessary. While outpatient rehab may help, it is in an inpatient setting that an addict can truly free himself from the bondage of the substance, properly guided by professionals


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