Detox Programs: Your Ticket to a Drug-Free Life

Drug abuse always leaves behind long-term complications that can’t be reversed using standard medical treatments. Simply abstaining from narcotics is difficult to do because of withdrawal symptoms like depression, fatigue and incessant trembling. The addiction may be psychological, but the after-effects certainly can be very physical. This is why most drug rehabilitation centers in the country employ detox programs to undo the damage done to the body first before the actual treatment can begin.

The specifics of a typical detox program tend to vary from one place to another because rehab centers are tailored to suit the needs of a particular demographic. For example, the equipment used by an outpatient rehab center for adults will be different from the ones used by a facility that was built specifically for troubled teens. Some centers may even allow visits from family and friends for the duration of the detox program, while others may not.

Even the treatments used can vary from one center to another. Medications like benzodiazepines may be used to treat certain addictions to substances like heroin and opiate. Group therapy sessions may also be employed, although they may be facilitated by rehab staff rather than fellow patients. Despite their variations, though, detox programs more or less aim to address the same issues that prevent some people from keeping sober and clean.


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