Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

People who are too dependent on alcohol will definitely struggle throughout the course of a therapy. However, as most experts say, overcoming alcoholism need not be a dragging process if the person is willing to seek professional help.

Be committed

As people know perfectly well, transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone may have witnessed habitual drinkers who claim they want to change but make excuses for their drinking sprees; they are still in denial of their decision to turn away from alcohol dependence. Since recovery is a gradual process, no one can force an alcohol addict to quit in an instant. The patient can be prodded to commit to change by weighing the costs and benefits of drinking against the costs and benefits of quitting.

Establish goals
The process doesn’t stop with the decision to change. Establishing clear and realistic drinking goals can help the patient succeed. For instance, if the patient wants to cut back on drinking, he or she should be definite with the following: number of days allotted for drinking and the amount of drinks allowed per day. Another thing is that there should be a specific quit date.

Write it down
Having a diary of one’s drinking makes it easier to keep track of the progress. Ideally, the patient has to write down each drink he or she consumes each week. Doing this for the succeeding couple of weeks will help the patient know if goals were met or not.


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