How Alcohol Addiction Can Lead to Cancer

Alcohol abuse can result in several physical complications. Aside from impaired speech, memory, and motor skills, misuse of alcohol can also increase the risk of illnesses such as cancer. Cancer has been found to develop more commonly in people who regularly drink alcohol than those who don’t.

Alcohol increases the risk of liver cancer, breast cancer, and mouth cancer. In addition, alcohol increases the risk of acquiring pharyngeal cancer (cancer of the upper throat), and laryngeal cancer (voice box cancer), among others. Alcohol can also cause cirrhosis, which can eventually lead to cancer.

The acetaldehyde content in alcoholic beverages is said to be the main contributing factor on why excessive alcohol consumption leads to cancer. When an individual drinks alcohol and acetaldehyde enters his or her bloodstream, membranes may end up damaged and cause scar tissue, which can affect the normal healing process after an injury.

Cutting down on alcohol consumption will help reduce cancer risk. Unfortunately, such a move is easier said than done for people who have become greatly dependent on alcohol. People who are addicted to alcohol will experience several withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly reduce their alcohol intake.

Fortunately, there are rehab centers that provide detox treatments for people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. Rehab professionals understand how hard it is to stop an addiction. Thus, these pros focus on guiding patients toward an alcohol-free lifestyle while understanding their situation.


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